Sanele Zulu is the CEO of Sanele Zulu International. He Co-founded SMME Opportunities Network, an organization dedicated to advancing the discipline of Small Medium Enterprise. He is a former participant of Youth Parliament. Sanele studied Marketing Management at the Tshwane University of Technology (SA). He is an Inspirational speaker, Author, youth mentor, trainer and youth business advisor.

Driven by his passion and enthusiasm for empowering young people and building credible leaders and organizations for our generation, Sanele Zulu has led and spoken in numerous workshops, Seminars, and Conferences all over South Africa in search for inspiring minds to change and for inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Sanele’s Zulu’s goal is to help youth achieve their personal and business goals faster and easier than they can ever imagine. Especially because the challenges facing youth will not just disappear but it will take purpose driven youth to fight against inequality, Poverty and Unemployment.

Drawing from his own personal experiences as they relate to poverty, the absence of his biological father, scholastic struggles, and various other obstacles, Sanele has allowed his life to be an “open book.” He harnessed his pain, discomfort, struggle and lack, used it to push him to significance. It is his genuine hope, that through his transparency and hard work, others too, will find the audacity to succeed, despite their circumstances.

Sanele is the epitome of hustle, drive, determination, entrepreneurship and success. He launched, Self-published and self-financed an inspirational book titled PART OF THE PLAN at the age of 21, which received great response in the market selling over 25 000 copies to date.

Sanele has appeared on numerous TV Shows and spoken on multiple Radio Stations. He undoubtedly stands out as being one of the most influential young leaders in South Africa who addresses the need for change in young people’s lives to achieve success in their educational, personal and entrepreneurial vocation. He believes: in order to be the best you must hang around with the best hence rubs shoulders with the best who’s who in politics and media.