An ultra-novel, tongue-in-cheek duo act which tantalises ALL the senses by offering guests sweet treats – picked off the performers! – during a live medley of Candy/Sweetie/lolly-themed songs by acclaumed vocal / sax duo Andy and Cathy.

The Candy Shoppe takes sugar-rushed guests right back to the 50s in unique style! The show is presented as a 25 minute roaming dessert set for client events, whereby the celebrated duo of Andy Klee on Vocals and Cathy Del Mei on Saxophone perform in their custom made Candy girl outfits, adorned with fairy lights, traditional candy lollies, Bubble gum balls, Candy floss, hanging hockey sticks and syrup dummies and such like, for clients in the audience to pick off and enjoy as dessert sweets, as the pair entertain.

Costumes:Baby pink / satins / blues / yellow paneled fairy light lit Corsets show just enough cleavage while netted tutus with small coloured hooks built into the body, hang candies off the garments.

The sassy duo wears brimmed pink coloured top hats that allow for jelly babies/wine gums/smarties to be bowled in segments for clients to dish from. Sweets and Candies are supplied by the artists.