Mojito Swing is a 4 piece electro-live cultural explosion with influences from South America and African rhythms.

The band was created by Cesar Hurtado (Perú) to express the spirit of Latino music focused on a positive and lively experience. Paired with female vocalist Ana-Maria Gomez(Colombia) they represent the energy and happiness that Latino music embodies. This powerful front-line of the band makes you feel like you have jetted in a plane and arrived in South America.

Federico Fernandez (Argentina) who brings the flavour from South America by red hot “ Santana” guitar lines. The connection to Africa is fused with the rhythm section by Ngari Ndong(Senegal) who displays virtuoso percussion skills.

The band has thrilled capacity audiences at major festivals and local venues. They are guaranteed to ignite your evening with familiar favourites from the Latino world! Viva La Vida!