Our Singing Waiters are a Multi-talented, showstopping Classical music band who combine Opera with an African feel to form an Afro-classical style. They are not rigid and can include almost any song requested by clients. (Mostly cover songs but with their own added feel and interpretation to the the songs.)

These amazing singers pose and work as waiters for 30mins to an hour and then do a 30min show which is being described as “FANTASTIC!!! They arrive at the venue and dress in smart white shirts and black trousers, or smart black shirts and black trousers. (If aprons or branded outfits are required the client would need to provide this.)

They will be allocated to an actual waiter and shadow the waiter making sure that all of the guests see them and get to know them.

The MC could mention that he heard one of the waiters singing and that he thought it would be nice to let him have a go. One of the singers will start singing really badly, after which another one come up and says “That is terrible! Let me show you how to sing!” She will start singing in a beautiful voice.

The other singing waiters are scattered around the room with microphones in their pockets. One by one they slowly start singing and make their way to the front of the room, or to the stage. Here they sing anything from 3 to 8 phenomenal songs – and blow everyone away!